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I’ve seen a lot of people saying he couldn’t since new generation should be stronger than the old and garp wasn’t in his prime while akainu was. Ace and Whitebeard were portrayed as good people, and were on good terms with protagonist. Magellan is an example of an antagonist shown in a positive light, Akainu has been been displayed negatively since his appearance. He blew up civilian ships without just cause and overall is an extremely prejudiced extremist. People don’t like extremists that kill off their favorite characters. He had already accepted that Ace was going to die and Luffy would be targeted as he was a pirate actively challenging the marines.

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It just showcased the difference in their powers. The Marines currently have no one who can fight a Yonko 1v1. If Akainu tried to fight any of the current Yonko, he would definitely be defeated and left humiliated. I see the scene going like Akainu vs Whitebeard except the parts where Akainu could fight back.

Katakuri is also able to use all three types of haki. However, Akainu is simply on a higher level compared to Katakuri. Charlotte Katakuri is one of the Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates. He is the strongest fighter in the crew after Big Mom. Katakuri’s record as a fighter was immaculate until he fought Luffy. He had never lost a fight all his life and his back had never touched the ground.

I think he’s a great villain, and that’s why I dislike his personality…I never said he was a badly made character. They live blissfully in security and comfort not realising the real struggles and hard decisions that are made behind the scenes to ensure that security and peace exists. Pretty much, I liked Akainu, just not as much as Whitebeard and his crew. I liked his design, I think he personality is cool and he has one of my favorite DF’s.

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I mean those fist probably rocked could garp have killed akainus a few times, despite how old Garp is he’s still strong and fast enough to knock Akainu around and he has no heart problems to slow him down. It wouldn’t have been easy, but yeah he could have won at that time. Especially since akainu had taken a lot of damage. Weak, sick and almost dead WB beat the crap out of Akainu.

  • If Garp doesn’t oneshot Sakazuki, there are a lot of people there that could have interfered.
  • The thing to be noted here is that Garp didn’t – and still doesn’t – have Devil Fruit abilities.
  • Even though Garp isn’t as sharp as he once was, he’s still tough enough to take on any of the 3 admirals.
  • Even in his old age, Garp remains a top-tier-level character.

Akainu hates Garp a lot more than Garp hates akainu. That prejudiced fuck secretly loathes Garp for his lineage, fucking brat show some respect for your elders . But you will say he was when he fights Luffy cuz Oda will let you watch him fighting this time from the beginning till the end.. If he manages to win against MF Akainu, he surely can kill him after few haki fists to the head . Based on these facts, Garp’s statement makes sens. He was at least very close to Akainu overall and bloodlusted on top of that. If we take the surprise element into account, implying heavy initial damage put on Akainu, then Garp would’ve had a solid chance at winning.

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Akainu was on a warpath he would have killed Garp then went back to what he was focused on. Garp didn’t have enough conviction to fight and he didn’t. He sat there the entire time and when he did get up he just gave up to sengoku when challenged. Basically, Garp has always been a rival to Whitebeard and has aged much better. If Whitebeard could beat Akainu, it’s more than reasonable to assume his rival can too. People here will be very surprised when Akainu is one of the last opponents in the whole series and will be shown to be at the very peak level of strength in the series.

  • Even though old age has never been disadvantageous in One Piece, Akainu and the other admirals have gotten stronger after the time-skip, while Garp has remained the same.
  • Akainu deals a lot of damage on Luffy too, who had already become pretty strong at the time, and also burns Jinbe.
  • Whether he wins or loses against Akainu, all that can be said is that it won’t be an easy fight.

This immediately puts him on par with the strongest Yonko – Blackbeard/Shanks, and the leader of the Revolutionaries – Dragon. Mihawk is yet to be involved in a serious fight in the series, but the fact that he managed to remain unscathed during the Summit War is rather impressive. A single slash from his sword is able to slice a giant iceberg into two, which suggests that he possesses a lot of destructive power. Now that Mihawk is once again a normal pirate, it is possible that he will start hunting Marines again, and he might even go after their leader, Akainu. Blackbeard fought against Marco in the Payback War, which he managed to win, thus earning a spot in the Yonko.

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Let’s be real he only survived because he hid underground and WB thought he was taken care of. Imagine a full health WB could easily wipe the floor with akainu. Becouse GARP almost didn’t had any damage and was still healthy and sick like wb. Akainu was already heavily damaged from the fight with wb. Akainu mocks Ace’s father, Whitebeard, as he pursues Ace and Luffy. Akainu tries to kill Luffy after taunting Ace into fighting him.

All of those geezers in their prime reached a height that the pre skip admirals never reached. Even though Garp isn’t as sharp as he once was, he’s still tough enough to take on any of the 3 admirals. Garp was equal to Roger so therefore I purpose the notion that Garp would have killed him with low to mid difficulty. It makes no sense for the previous generation to be so much stronger than the current one, which it’d have to be if current Garp was still stronger than Akainu. Considering that Garp couldn’t bust open fissures for Akainu to hide in, I like Garp’s odds.

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Whitebeard basically bested Akainu, it was a close fight but it ended with Whitebeard sending Akainu flying. If marineford was a cage match between Whitebeard vs Akainu, Sakazuki would be done. Garp was once considered an equal to Roger and Whitebeard. Garp is underrated in universe too, since he intentionally avoids being recognised for his achievements such as rejecting the admiral position. Also known as Hero of the Marines, Monkey D. Garp is a Navy Vice-Admiral in One Piece and a legendary figure from the times of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

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Posted: Thu, 09 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source] got him few times, even busted his organs. I didn’t say he would get stomped by Garp though. However, Garp would definitely win this comfortably enough to not have to deal with missing body parts. Truth be told, this would have been an easier fight for Garp than WB the 2nd time he fought Akainu. You can’t simply presume Akainu was weak enough for Garp to win…

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Yes Garp could have really killed Akainu after Akainu killed Ace. There was no other reason for Sengoku to hold him down. His strength is immense, as seen when he claimed to have destroyed 8 full mountains just in his training to beat Don Chinjao. Garp also cornered Gol D. Roger several times in the past, however, he was never able to defeat him . Not really WB had so many opening because of his heart attack. Garp wouldn’t have the same problem and he would be able to use his haki properly unlike sick WB.

The Yonko are the four strongest pirates in the world. The current Yonko are Big Mom, Blackbeard, Kaido, and Shanks. The power of a Yonko is almost unparalleled, and it is fair to say that they cancel out the power of each other.


Blackbeard had an opportunity to fight against Akainu while negotiating the relinquishment of Bonney, but the Yonko decided it was better to retreat. There is no doubt that after the time-skip, Blackbeard has become much more powerful, and he can defeat Akainu without any problems. Blackbeard rose to fame in the Summit War as he managed to steal the Gura Gura no Mi, which belonged to Whitebeard. After gaining the Gura Gura no Mi, Blackbeard became the first person with two devil fruits. During the Battle of Marineford, he managed to hit and damage Marco, despite the latter being in his regenerative Phoenix Form.

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