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Experts raised concerns about inadequate protection and assistance measures for child victims. According to observers, child protective services struggled to identify child victims and refer them to care, especially in rural areas. In 2020, authorities identified one child victim, compared with four in 2019. Child protective services organized a training on identifying child victims for 63 child rights specialists with plans to expand the training to more specialists. Child sexual abuse victims, including trafficking victims, could seek assistance in the government-operated national support center in Vilnius.

  • • Implement formal victim identification and referral mechanisms for victim assistance throughout the country, especially in rural areas.
  • In 1883 the fledgling Lithuanian newspaper Aušra formulated the national aspirations, demanding reestablishment of the Lithuanian press and the opening of more schools.
  • “I would rather see in Cracow the Turkish Sultan than see her as queen of Poland,” said many a Polish magnate.
  • By 1889 another Lithuanian newspaper, Varpas, was asking for acknowledgment of national rights, land reform, civil rights for all, and ultimately national independence.

It is said that some of these fighters remained in the forests until 1960, seven years after Stalin’s reign ended. The official language is Lithuanian, one of two remaining languages in the Baltic branch of the Indo-European languages. Dialects vary by region, and their distinctiveness often depends on the distance from the nearest big city or the proximity to borders, where incorporation of neighboring countries’ words is common. The language has survived despite a history of domination by foreign powers and serves as a focal point of cultural identity. In the United States, married Lithuanian women dropped the traditional -ienė ending and took the same surnames as their husbands.

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“It is your children dying”: Lithuanian women appeal to Russian mothers to stop war

The origin of the nation and the development of its culture were strongly influenced by foreign occupation of the country and are the result of the perceived need of the people to preserve something of their own. Even when the national language was banned and reading or writing of books in the native tongue was forbidden, people were determined to spread their heritage and share their traditions. Surname endings implying marital status for women were often dropped in the United States.In the United States, unmarried Lithuanian women dropped the traditional -tė ending and took the same surnames as their fathers. For example, the daughter of a man with the surname of Aleksaitis would have been known as Aleksaitytė in Lithuania.

As reported over the past five years, human traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in Lithuania, and traffickers exploit victims from Lithuania abroad. Law enforcement reports most trafficking cases involve Lithuanian trafficking networks that prey on Lithuanian victims. As a result of the pandemic, traffickers have shifted recruitment methods from in-person to online settings, mainly through social media, hindering authorities’ ability to locate victims and identify traffickers.

Though the Knights were soundly defeated, Gražina fell in battle, preserving the honor of her household. A second Pajauta was the beautiful daughter of Duke Kernius.

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She went down in posterity as cofounder, with Jogaila, of the University of Cracow. Her capable daughter was to be the mother of the Habsburg Emperor, Frederick IV. The fourth wife of Jogaila was a Lithuanian, Sofia, Duchess of Alšenai. She was the first queen of Poland to see to it that her subjects had the Holy Scriptures in their native language. She played a prominent role in having her offspring chosen as rulers of Poland and Lithuania. Chances are, your Lithuanian girl has to deal with people whispering about her relationship on a daily basis.

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The conference, with Gabriele Petkevicius as chairman and Ona Pleiris-Puida as secretary, saw a need for a general women’s organization. The meeting raised the question of women’s rights, suggested that women also organize by profession, concern themselves with education, and protest against the government’s open sale of liquor. In 1908 two women’s organizations were founded—the Lithuanian Catholic Women’s Society in Kaunas and the Lithuanian Women’s Association in Vilnius. They Year o f the Lith u a n ia n Bo o k helped liberate political prisoners and arranged their escape abroad. They edited clandestine and public newspapers and wrote articles on women’s rights. In particular, traffickers sometimes threatened victims as they were entering or exiting the courtroom, and victims lacked access to mental health professionals during or after their interviews by law enforcement.

In the United States, it was common for women to go by the surnames of their fathers without the -tė ending. In Lithuania, males and females have slightly different surnames – they consist of the same surname stem or root, but end with various suffixes depending upon gender, and upon marital status for females. Jurga Ivanauskaitė was a Lithuanian prose writer, public figure, essayist, playwright and painter. She was born in Vilnius in 1964 and showed artistic aptitudes since she was very young. During her time as an art student, she was rebellious against the communist ideology, which she showed in her art works. She travelled across India and Tibet, which had a great impact in her work and led her to create essays and exhibitions about the subject. Her activism against Chinese government caused her arrest on many occasions.

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